Room 1. Mudrooms

These helpful buffer zones allow an orderly exit—and reentry—with a place for everything.


• Open hooks for airing out damp outerwear

• Shelves with bins for corralling accessories

• A seat for pulling footwear on and off

• Resilient surfaces that dirt can’t hurt

Room 2: Floor-to-Ceiling Cubbies

This one-wall mudroom can handle a season’s worth of athletic gear and outerwear.

Tip: Cheer up a utilitarian space with a colorful indoor-outdoor runner. To clean it, just shake it out or hose it down.

Room 3: Open Storage

Ample 16-inch-deep cubbies mean each family member has places to stash footwear, sports equipment, toys, and more.

Room 4: Neat Catchalls

Metal bins, fabric-lined baskets, and color-coded boxes organize small items and store off-season goods.

Room 5: Locker Lined Stair Wall

A furniture-grade storage unit mounted alongside stairs turns a front foyer into a mini mudroom.