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Miller Building & Remodeling is committed to excellence in both products and workmanship. Whether we are performing home maintenance, making an existing home more functional and comfortable, or updating its look we are focused on customer satisfaction. We are proud of our employees and their expertise, because it's our people who make the difference in the successful outcome of your remodeling project.


David Miller

Construction: 42 years; Owner/Partner with MBR 36 years.

David's start in the construction field came during high school. After several years working professionally with a local company, he founded Miller Building & Remodeling Co. including new construction homes as well as remodeling. His expertise in carpentry, masonry, drywall, knowledge of plumbing and electrical, sales, estimating, and administrative work kept him extremely busy. By 1990 his business had expanded to the point that he needed full-time crews and administrative help which allowed him to spend more time in sales and estimating. MBR then shifted to concentrate only on remodeling projects, which is their focus today. David's vast knowledge of the construction business increases as he invests in industry-specific education, sharing this with his crews and his customers. His easy-going nature and warmth encourages potential clients to get to know both him and his business. David knows the importance of treating each customer as if he were his only customer and strives to instill that once a customer of MBR, always a member of the MBR "family."


Terri Miller

Administrative Manager; Partner with MBR 26 years.

Expertise: Administrative Duties. Terri is familiar with every administrative aspect of the construction and remodel business. She manages the office of MBR and is in charge of all accounting as well as public relations, marketing, human resources, and correspondence. Despite all these responsibilities, Terri's main goal is to assist in ensuring that every client is happy with their remodel. MBR has been blessed with wonderful clients and she enjoys seeing the projects develop into functional, safe, updated spaces that make each homeowner happy.


Alan Miller

Construction: 24 years; with MBR 24 years.

Expertise: Production Management & Sales. Alan was educated in Davie County Schools and holds a degree from North Carolina State University. He started working in the family business at 12 years old doing "grunt work" during the summers and after school and then continued contributing to the company at a higher skill level through his college years. He coordinates all facets of building and remodeling projects treating each project with expert care and dedication. Alan not only values the talents of each member of the MBR Team, he also continually works on ways to improve the business and internal processes. One of his main focuses is to stay current on new trends in the construction industry to give the customer the best possible results with the latest materials and techniques while upholding the company's reputation for excellence. His natural attention to detail serves him well as production manager, as well as when he puts on his sales hat.


Rodney Miller

Construction 37 years; with MBR 35 years.

Expertise: Construction, safety, and sales. Rodney began his career in the home remodeling field with general carpentry and home repairs. Because of his knowledge and out-going personality, he eventually shifted to sales, concentrating on smaller projects while serving as a full-time captain in the Winston-Salem Fire Department. MBR benefits from Rodney's fire and safety knowledge as he manages MBR's safety program. With his construction, code, sales, and safety experience he fills a special role at MBR.


Ray Murray

Exterior renovations expert: 26 years; with MBR 21 years.

Expertise: Windows and vinyl siding; all exterior renovations. Ray is not only focused on the quality service he provides for MBR customers, but also by the savings a customer receives with proper window and siding installation. With an eye on the environment, Ray makes suggestions to change the look of the home and to make the house more efficient and comfortable. He also counsels the customer on the ease of care when choosing windows and siding. With his years of experience Ray can spot exterior maintenance issues that need attention. He gets satisfaction from a job well-done when he sees the positive changes to the home.


Darrell Burton

Construction: 22 years; with MBR 11 years.

Expertise: Master carpenter. Darrell has been a master craftsman and a wonderful addition to any MBR project. With experience on hundreds of projects, his attention to the finest detail is what sets him apart. He is especially gifted in working on custom carpentry projects focusing on intricate layouts. Solving problems that would baffle others is his forte. His willingness to listen to clients to get their vision along with his easy-going nature makes Darrell a customer favorite. The high point for Darrell of working for MBR is making a positive difference in the client’s home and getting to know so many warm and friendly people.


John Myers

Drywall Specialist, Carpentry: 33 years; with MBR 10.5 years.

Expertise: Master drywall installer and finisher; carpenter. Besides being a drywall specialist he has versatile carpentry skills with experience in kitchens, baths, decks, and structural repairs. John knows the value of a good attitude and a trademark - his newsboy cap. He feels that everyone responds best to a smile and puts that to work on every job for MBR. He is undaunted by challenges and seeks to find the most practical and the most attractive method to solve any building project. His commitment to customer satisfaction and his dedication to finishing projects make him a valuable asset to MBR.


Jonathan Walser

Construction: 23 years; with MBR 5 years.

Expertise: Exterior renovation; General carpentry. Installation and/or repair of windows, vinyl siding, railings. Jonathan assists with every aspect of window installation and exterior repairs, as well as using his general carpentry skills. MBR is the perfect place for Jonathan because he welcomes new adventures and daily challenges and always seeks to find a solution to any remodeling problem. He is always there with a warm and friendly smile.


Debra Light

Administrative Assistant; with MBR 9 years.

Expertise: Customer Service. Debra is the first contact potential customers have with MBR. She knows what information is essential from the administrative aspect to begin the remodel process and asks the appropriate questions to make prospective clients feel comfortable in discussing their home improvements. Her focus is professionalism as she enters all data, files the correct forms, and generally prepares the first steps of the project for the building experts, as well as general administrative support. Her warmth, understanding, and upbeat outlook help each day run a little smoother at MBR.

"Peace of mind stands out foremost in my mind. Your company performed a professional and superlative job-from the supervisor down to the working crew who take such pride and care in completing each job to ensure I was satisfied down to the smallest detail. If there was a repair job that seemed impossible the crew worked on it to make it possible. Thank you for this opportunity to have your company renew my faith--there are good quality people out there."

Gloria Allen, Winston-Salem, NC

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